What & Where is Halethorpe Weather-Watch

What - The Halethorpe Weather-Watch webpage is updated from recent data collected by a Davis Vantage PRO2 weather station. Additional data is collected by a LabJack, data aquisition and control device, with lighting counter, and temperature sensors. The data is graphed at two minute intervals, but there is data recorded every minute. The weather data is proceeded, weather maps and metars downloaded, files organized, and uploaded - all by Weather Display software. The website is located on Comcast and has been updated at ten minute intervals since August 13, 2003. For more current weather observations, click on RealTime Weather (Adobe SVG), or Weather Display Live @ Halethorpe MD (Macromedia Flash), both pages are updated at about 30 second internals. The weather information is provided without warranty of any kind as to its accuracy or timeliness, and should never be used to to make decisions during a weather emergency.

Where - The weather station is located at 76o41'49.47" West & 39o14' 12.03" North at an altitude of 86 feet above sea level. Halethorpe, Maryland USA is in Baltimore County, southwest of Baltimore City, near the intersection of I-95 and I-195.

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