Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather hardware and software used in the operation of this website.

Computer running 24/7 for 7 Days 14 Hours 52 Minutes 40 Seconds.
Computer last started at 6:24:33 AM 05/01/2021.
Computer free memory 9.30GB with the weather program using 209,668 KB.
UPS output  118.4V  AC Normal 

The wireless communication success rate between the indoor console and the Intergrated Sensor Shelter (ISS) is 100% .
ISS communications packet statistics reported as 21210 73 0 1481 39 which indicates
21,210 Received, 73 Missed, 0 Resyncs, 1481 Consecutive Rec'd, 39 CRC errors.
Counters are reset daily at 00:00.
Console battery  4.7V  Ok       ISS battery  ~3V  Ok 

This website uses Weather-Display (10.37S-(b126)) for weather conditions reporting.
The weather program was last started 06:28:04 5/1/2021, and has recieved 1,598,386 updates from the station console.


Component Status Age    
Latest update time as of  
Sat, 08-May-2021 9:19pm EDT
Weather-Display realtime Current 0:00:09 00:00:15 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:18pm EDT
Weather-Display Testtag FTP Current 0:01:50 00:05:15 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:17pm EDT
Weather-Display weather data Current 0:02:03 00:05:15 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:17pm EDT
Weather-Display NOAA report Current 20:07:55 24:15:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 1:11am EDT
Weather-Display Month report Current 21:06:40 24:15:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 12:12am EDT
WD Client Raw Extra Current 0:01:09 00:10:30 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:17pm EDT
WD Client Raw Hourly Current 0:01:08 01:01:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:17pm EDT
WD Client Raw Daily Current 0:01:08 01:01:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:17pm EDT
WD Custom Client Raw NOT Current 0:00:19 00:00:15 > 0:00:15
Sat, 08-May-2021 9:18pm EDT
MeteoTemplate API NOT Current 0:00:06 00:00:06 > 0:00:06
Sat, 08-May-2021 9:18pm EDT
NOAA Alerts Cron Job Current 0:08:52 00:10:30 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:10pm EDT
River Height Cron Job Current 0:17:51 00:31:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:01pm EDT
Image Cache Cron Job Current 0:19:01 00:20:30 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:00pm EDT
pwsWD JSON Cron Job Current 0:04:01 00:05:30 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:15pm EDT
CSV To JSON Cron Job Current 0:08:02 00:10:30 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:11pm EDT
Footer Image Cron Job Current 3:16:02 06:01:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 6:03pm EDT
Almanac Data Cron Job Current 5:15:02 08:01:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 4:04pm EDT
Video Archive Cron Job Current 0:50:02 24:05:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 8:29pm EDT
Station Screen Current 0:00:21 00:10:30 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:18pm EDT
Webcam NE Current 0:00:49 00:01:15 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:18pm EDT
Webcam WNW Current 0:00:48 00:01:15 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:18pm EDT
WD 10 Minute Video Current 0:05:48 00:11:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:13pm EDT
WD Hourly Video Current 0:12:47 01:04:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:06pm EDT
WD Daily Video Current 0:09:39 01:06:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:09pm EDT
Forecast MP3 Current 0:08:47 00:31:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 9:10pm EDT
Daily Stats Page Data Current 3:02:54 06:05:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 6:16pm EDT
Archives Page Almanac Data Current 3:01:46 06:05:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 6:17pm EDT
Lightning Page Count Table Current 2:56:53 06:05:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 6:22pm EDT
Solar Energy Page Table Current 2:57:54 06:05:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 6:21pm EDT
Tide Time Table Current 7:11:47 24:05:00 Sat, 08-May-2021 2:07pm EDT
Note: Template scripts are up to date