Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather hardware and software used in the operation of this website.

Computer running 24/7 for 4 Days 22 Hours 42 Minutes 8 Seconds.
Computer last started at 10:10:02 PM 01/12/2018.
Computer free memory 6.12GB with the weather program using 266,340 KB.

The wireless communication success rate between the indoor console and the Intergrated Sensor Shelter (ISS) is  98%.
ISS communications packet statistics reported as 20365 329 0 458 255 indicates
20365 Received, 329 Missed, 0 Resyncs, 458 Consecutive Rec'd, 255 CRC errors.
Counters are reset daily at 00:00.
Console battery  4.7V       ISS battery  ~3V  Ok 

This website uses Weather-Display (10.37S-(b62)) for weather conditions reporting.
The weather program was last started 10:13:56 PM 1/12/2018, and has recieved 1013154 updates from the station console.


Component Status Age    
Latest update time as of  
Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:55pm EST
Weather-Display realtime data Current 0:00:08 0:00:15 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:55pm EST
WD FTP upload - testtags.php Current 0:03:25 0:05:15 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:52pm EST
WD Weather Data - testtags contents Current 0:03:35 0:05:15 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:52pm EST
WD Daily report - dailynoaarpt.htm Current 19:44:27 24:05:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 1:11am EST
WD Month report - Jan'18.htm Current 20:43:11 24:05:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 12:12am EST
WD Client Raw Extra Current 0:01:38 0:10:30 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:53pm EST
WD Client Raw Hourly Current 0:01:38 1:01:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:53pm EST
WD Client Raw Daily Current 0:01:37 1:01:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:53pm EST
WD Custom Client Raw Current 0:00:07 0:00:15 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:55pm EST
MeteoTemplate API Current 0:00:05 0:00:06 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:55pm EST
NOAA Alerts Cron Job Current 0:05:22 0:10:30 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:50pm EST
River Height Cron Job Current 0:24:25 0:31:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:31pm EST
Footer Image Cron Job Current 2:52:34 6:01:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 6:03pm EST
Image Cache Cron Job Current 0:10:34 0:15:30 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:45pm EST
Station Screen Current 0:07:26 0:10:30 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:48pm EST
Webcam NE Current 0:00:37 0:01:15 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:54pm EST
Webcam WNW Current 0:00:37 0:01:15 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:54pm EST
WD 10 Minute Video Current 0:01:31 0:11:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:54pm EST
WD Hourly Video Current 0:49:27 1:04:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:06pm EST
WD Daily Video Current 0:46:22 1:06:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:09pm EST
Forecast MP3 Current 0:23:24 0:31:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 8:32pm EST
Daily Stats Page Data Current 2:39:26 6:01:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 6:16pm EST
Archives Page Almanac Data Current 2:38:18 6:01:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 6:17pm EST
Lightning Page Count Table Current 2:33:26 6:01:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 6:22pm EST
Solar Energy Page Table Current 2:34:27 6:01:00 Wed, 17-Jan-2018 6:21pm EST