About The Station

The Halethorpe Weather-Watch webpage is updated from recent data collected by a Davis Instruments Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station. Additional data is collected by a LabJack, data aquisition and control device, with lighting counter, and temperature sensors. The data is graphed at two minute intervals, however the is data recorded every minute and displayed on alternating minutes. The weather data is processed, weather maps and metars downloaded, files organized and uploaded - all by Weather Display software. A Tonton 1080P internet camera provides video feed that is used for the snapshots, the last hour video, and the all day video on the Weather Cam web page.

The weather station equipment is running on dedicate HP Pavilion Desktop 570 computer. The computer has an Intel Core i5-7400 Kaby Lake Quad-Core processor, 16GB DDR4 SDRAM, and 500GB SSD, running on Windows 10 Home 64-bit operating system. Backup power provided by CyberPower 1350VA UPS.

Halethorpe Weather-Watch has been a family owned, operated, and maintained weather service since its first internet upload on August 13, 2003. Operations Staff: Gus, Linda, Jennifer, Brian, Jessica, & Rob.
Skywarn Spotter Program

About The Location

The weather station is located at 76o41'49.47" West & 39o14' 12.03" North at an altitude of 86 feet above sea level. Halethorpe, Maryland (USA), postal zipcode 21227, is in Baltimore County. Located southwest of Baltimore City, near the intersection of I-95 and I-195. It is east of being inline with runway 15R (5000 feet, commuter & smaller aircraft) of Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) which is about 5 miles to the south.

Historical information about Halethorpe and the surrounding area can be found on the Baltimore County Public Library website.

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About The Data CWOP Data Quality Check

The weather data collected by this station is uploaded to the Citizen Weather Observation Program (CWOP) at 10 minute intervals. This data is forwarded to the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingestion System (MADIS) which collects data and provided data quality feedback. The data quality report and location confirmation is made available at CWOP Information for CW1550 in Halethorpe, MD US, and is updated daily. The data is also directly uploaded to Weather Underground, Weathercloud, WindAlert, WeatherForYou and AnythingWeather. Also providing hourly tweets.

About This Website

The website was located on Comcast, but now on MDDHosting and has been updating since August 13, 2003. The update history of the website software and changes can be seen at the top of the wx21.php tag listing page. The Weather Display Live , updates at 10 second internals. Other pages use PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) programming to provide 10 second updating.

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The hardware and software that are being used to collect data and create this website.

Link to LabJack Website                 Link to Davis Instruments

Link to Weather Display Website

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