River Heights

Data Last Updated: Wednesday June 23rd, 2021 04:01 PM EDT    

Stage Color Key
No Flooding Near Flood Minor Flooding Moderate Flooding Major Flooding Observation > 24hrs

Location HeightTrendForecastStatus
Patapsco River at Liberty Reservoir (MFEM2) 419.99ft No change in last hour  Not Defined
Patapsco River at Woodstock (WOOM2) 235.77ft Falling at 0.02 ft/hr  Not Defined
Patapsco River at Hollofield (PRHM2) 1.86ft Falling at 0.01 ft/hr  Normal
Patapsco River at Ellicott City (ELPM2) 114.65ft No change in last hour  Normal
Patapsco River near Catonsville (CTSM2) 11.07ft Falling at 0.02 ft/hr  Normal
Patapsco River near Elkridge at Patapsco State Park (ERDM2) 6.15ft Falling at 0.02 ft/hr  Normal
NW Branch Patapsco River at Ft McHenry (BLTM2) 1.00ft Rising at 0.29 ft/hrExpected to rise 0.06 ft. in next hour
East Branch Herbert Run at Arbutus (EBHM2) 0.98ft No change in last hour  Normal
Maiden Choice Run at Wilkens Ave (MCRM2) 63.29ft No change in last hour  Not Defined
Gwynns Falls at Washington Blvd (WBGM2) 2.34ft Rising at 0.01 ft/hr  Normal
Chesapeake Bay at Havre de Grace (HDGM2) 0.30ft Falling at 0.27 ft/hrExpected to rise 0.01 ft. in next hour
Chesapeake Bay at Tallchester Beach (TCBM2) 0.85ft Rising at 0.32 ft/hrExpected to rise 0.05 ft. in next hour
Severn River at Annapolis (APAM2) 1.40ft Rising at 0.18 ft/hrExpected to rise 0.03 ft. in next hour
Little Patuxent River at Guilford Rd (LPGM2) 2.68ft Falling at 0.02 ft/hr  Normal
Little Patuxent River at Savage (SAVM2) 3.51ft Falling at 0.02 ft/hr  Normal
Patuxent River at Brighton Dam (BGHM2) 1.96ft Rising at 0.01 ft/hr  Normal
Patuxent River at Duckett Dam (LPRM2) 4.37ft Rising at 0.01 ft/hr  Normal

Data Courtesy of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
Script Courtesy of Dennis at East Masonville Weather