North American Earthquake Activity          

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.50 or greater within 3750 mi
Update time = Sun, 18-Apr-2021 8:16pm EDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
5 km ENE of Tiltepec, Mexico 4.4 0029111809 mi 1618786049Sun, 18-Apr-2021 6:47pm EDT map
18 km NNW of Snyder, Texas 3.1 001145711 mi 1618779288Sun, 18-Apr-2021 4:54pm EDT map
87 km WNW of Elfin Cove, Alaska 2.5 0033452079 mi 1618778448Sun, 18-Apr-2021 4:40pm EDT map
4 km WNW of Kinta, Oklahoma 2.5 000824512 mi 1618777891Sun, 18-Apr-2021 4:31pm EDT map
7 km SSW of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.5 0039032425 mi 1618776126Sun, 18-Apr-2021 4:02pm EDT map
105 km NW of Arctic Village, Alaska 2.9 0041262564 mi 1618769691Sun, 18-Apr-2021 2:14pm EDT map
76 km SW of Kaktovik, Alaska 2.5 0040572521 mi 1618766240Sun, 18-Apr-2021 1:17pm EDT map
Iceland region 4.9 0049203057 mi 1618759038Sun, 18-Apr-2021 11:17am EDT map
86 km W of Elfin Cove, Alaska 3.3 0033432077 mi 1618750718Sun, 18-Apr-2021 8:58am EDT map
8 km WSW of Lincoln, Montana 2.7 001382859 mi 1618746780Sun, 18-Apr-2021 7:53am EDT map
22 km S of Susitna North, Alaska 2.5 0040712529 mi 1618744087Sun, 18-Apr-2021 7:08am EDT map
94 km W of Elfin Cove, Alaska 3.2 0033502082 mi 1618744051Sun, 18-Apr-2021 7:07am EDT map
84 km W of Elfin Cove, Alaska 3.2 0033402075 mi 1618743757Sun, 18-Apr-2021 7:02am EDT map
219 km SE of Chiniak, Alaska 3.1 0040302504 mi 1618741027Sun, 18-Apr-2021 6:17am EDT map
117 km WSW of Adak, Alaska 3.1 0059553700 mi 1618730851Sun, 18-Apr-2021 3:27am EDT map
33 km SE of Mina, Nevada 2.9 0018781167 mi 1618721637Sun, 18-Apr-2021 12:53am EDT map
58 km S of Whites City, New Mexico 2.6 001393865 mi 1618720386Sun, 18-Apr-2021 12:33am EDT map
59 km S of Whites City, New Mexico 3.1 001394866 mi 1618706016Sat, 17-Apr-2021 8:33pm EDT map
3 km SSW of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.6 0039002423 mi 1618702977Sat, 17-Apr-2021 7:42pm EDT map
78 km WNW of Akhiok, Alaska 2.9 0043762719 mi 1618700784Sat, 17-Apr-2021 7:06pm EDT map
43 km WSW of Aleneva, Alaska 2.5 0042612648 mi 1618699882Sat, 17-Apr-2021 6:51pm EDT map
111 km NNW of Arctic Village, Alaska 3.0 0040992547 mi 1618697243Sat, 17-Apr-2021 6:07pm EDT map
4 km S of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.7 0039022424 mi 1618694541Sat, 17-Apr-2021 5:22pm EDT map
57 km S of Whites City, New Mexico 3.2 001392865 mi 1618693163Sat, 17-Apr-2021 4:59pm EDT map
24 mi NNE of Covelo, CA 3.0 0022321387 mi 1618688108Sat, 17-Apr-2021 3:35pm EDT map
25 km NNE of Valdez, Alaska 2.6 0038712405 mi 1618684348Sat, 17-Apr-2021 2:32pm EDT map
51 km ESE of Beatty, Nevada 2.6 0018171129 mi 1618682420Sat, 17-Apr-2021 2:00pm EDT map
25 mi NNE of Covelo, CA 2.8 0022311386 mi 1618676961Sat, 17-Apr-2021 12:29pm EDT map
49 km SSE of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 3.7 0037922356 mi 1618674739Sat, 17-Apr-2021 11:52am EDT map
13 km S of Hidalgotitlán, Mexico 4.5 0027681720 mi 1618673503Sat, 17-Apr-2021 11:31am EDT map
59 km W of Stella, Puerto Rico 3.2 0038132369 mi 1618665268Sat, 17-Apr-2021 9:14am EDT map
112 km S of Akhiok, Alaska 3.2 0043182683 mi 1618661808Sat, 17-Apr-2021 8:16am EDT map
52 km ESE of Beatty, Nevada 3.5 0018171129 mi 1618660130Sat, 17-Apr-2021 7:48am EDT map
1 km NW of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.6 0038972421 mi 1618659897Sat, 17-Apr-2021 7:44am EDT map
156 km SSE of Sand Point, Alaska 4.0 0046732903 mi 1618659388Sat, 17-Apr-2021 7:36am EDT map
3 km SE of Maria Antonia, Puerto Rico 2.5 0038992422 mi 1618651294Sat, 17-Apr-2021 5:21am EDT map
6 km NW of Cepitá, Colombia 4.3 0045852849 mi 1618651033Sat, 17-Apr-2021 5:17am EDT map
56 km N of Atka, Alaska 3.8 0056593516 mi 1618649650Sat, 17-Apr-2021 4:54am EDT map
127 km SSE of Sand Point, Alaska 3.5 0046732904 mi 1618648963Sat, 17-Apr-2021 4:42am EDT map
67 km NNE of Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands 3.5 0039822475 mi 1618647146Sat, 17-Apr-2021 4:12am EDT map
117 km NNW of Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands 3.5 0038922418 mi 1618644614Sat, 17-Apr-2021 3:30am EDT map
84 km NE of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 3.1 0037452327 mi 1618642798Sat, 17-Apr-2021 2:59am EDT map
6 km WSW of Fuig, Puerto Rico 2.5 0038902417 mi 1618634786Sat, 17-Apr-2021 12:46am EDT map
64 km W of Masachapa, Nicaragua 4.3 0035332195 mi 1618626774Fri, 16-Apr-2021 10:32pm EDT map
9 km SW of Franklin, Arizona 2.7 001568974 mi 1618625571Fri, 16-Apr-2021 10:12pm EDT map
46 km ESE of Whittier, Alaska 2.9 0039522456 mi 1618623527Fri, 16-Apr-2021 9:38pm EDT map
57 km S of Whites City, New Mexico 3.0 001393865 mi 1618621297Fri, 16-Apr-2021 9:01pm EDT map
0 km WNW of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.6 0038982422 mi 1618619437Fri, 16-Apr-2021 8:30pm EDT map
30 km SE of Denali National Park, Alaska 2.5 0041602585 mi 1618596959Fri, 16-Apr-2021 2:15pm EDT map
2 mi W of Anderson Springs, CA 2.8 0022501398 mi 1618565758Fri, 16-Apr-2021 5:35am EDT map
180 km NNW of Adak, Alaska 2.5 0058393628 mi 1618549677Fri, 16-Apr-2021 1:07am EDT map
96 km ESE of Yakutat, Alaska 3.0 0033912107 mi 1618549453Fri, 16-Apr-2021 1:04am EDT map
50 km NW of Toyah, Texas 2.6 001395867 mi 1618549186Fri, 16-Apr-2021 12:59am EDT map
11 mi WNW of Petrolia, CA 3.5 0023391453 mi 1618546185Fri, 16-Apr-2021 12:09am EDT map
6 km E of La Parguera, Puerto Rico 2.5 0038902417 mi 1618543426Thu, 15-Apr-2021 11:23pm EDT map
10 km W of Blanchard, Louisiana 3.1 001123698 mi 1618533831Thu, 15-Apr-2021 8:43pm EDT map
22 mi WSW of Stovepipe Wells, CA 2.6 0019261197 mi 1618528579Thu, 15-Apr-2021 7:16pm EDT map
9 km S of Coyanosa, Texas 3.1 001392865 mi 1618525549Thu, 15-Apr-2021 6:25pm EDT map
66 km S of Sand Point, Alaska 3.3 0047302939 mi 1618525480Thu, 15-Apr-2021 6:24pm EDT map
5 km E of La Parguera, Puerto Rico 2.8 0038882416 mi 1618522243Thu, 15-Apr-2021 5:30pm EDT map
31 km SW of Cantwell, Alaska 3.0 0040612524 mi 1618517060Thu, 15-Apr-2021 4:04pm EDT map
22 km SSW of Corralero, Mexico 4.3 0029451830 mi 1618514402Thu, 15-Apr-2021 3:20pm EDT map
102 km SW of Santiago de Cao, Peru 4.9 0059313685 mi 1618514192Thu, 15-Apr-2021 3:16pm EDT map
118 km SSW of Manuel Ávila Camacho (Ponte Duro), Mexico 4.6 0030801914 mi 1618510206Thu, 15-Apr-2021 2:10pm EDT map
9 mi ENE of Ridgecrest, CA 3.1 0019691223 mi 1618509903Thu, 15-Apr-2021 2:05pm EDT map
Mona Passage 3.2 0036922294 mi 1618505606Thu, 15-Apr-2021 12:53pm EDT map
33 km NE of Benton, California 2.5 0019131189 mi 1618499109Thu, 15-Apr-2021 11:05am EDT map
21 km E of Skwentna, Alaska 2.6 0041312567 mi 1618498393Thu, 15-Apr-2021 10:53am EDT map
7 km SW of Dibble, Oklahoma 3.3 000843524 mi 1618496799Thu, 15-Apr-2021 10:26am EDT map
5 mi NW of The Geysers, CA 2.5 0022551401 mi 1618493967Thu, 15-Apr-2021 9:39am EDT map
237 km N of Siglufjörður, Iceland 4.4 0052063235 mi 1618478995Thu, 15-Apr-2021 5:29am EDT map
2 km SSW of Magas Arriba, Puerto Rico 2.7 0039012424 mi 1618476028Thu, 15-Apr-2021 4:40am EDT map
10 mi WSW of Petrolia, CA 2.5 0023431456 mi 1618473508Thu, 15-Apr-2021 3:58am EDT map
5 km SW of Manchester, Oklahoma 3.0 000632393 mi 1618471591Thu, 15-Apr-2021 3:26am EDT map
37 km NNW of Valdez, Alaska 2.5 0038882416 mi 1618467799Thu, 15-Apr-2021 2:23am EDT map
82 km ESE of McKinley Park, Alaska 2.9 0039712468 mi 1618463991Thu, 15-Apr-2021 1:19am EDT map
10 km SW of Mooringsport, Louisiana 2.5 001117694 mi 1618463638Thu, 15-Apr-2021 1:13am EDT map
113 km ENE of Alianza Cristiana, Peru 4.4 0054763403 mi 1618456407Wed, 14-Apr-2021 11:13pm EDT map
34 km NNE of Skellytown, Texas 2.7 000838521 mi 1618444673Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:57pm EDT map
34 km NNE of Skellytown, Texas 4.3 000839521 mi 1618444442Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:54pm EDT map
2 km ENE of Lluveras, Puerto Rico 2.6 0038902417 mi 1618442751Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:25pm EDT map
5 km SSW of Guánica, Puerto Rico 2.5 0038962421 mi 1618434161Wed, 14-Apr-2021 5:02pm EDT map
116 km NNE of Arctic Village, Alaska 2.5 0040362508 mi 1618426674Wed, 14-Apr-2021 2:57pm EDT map
8 km S of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.8 0039042426 mi 1618419831Wed, 14-Apr-2021 1:03pm EDT map
3 km SE of Maria Antonia, Puerto Rico 3.1 0038982422 mi 1618417109Wed, 14-Apr-2021 12:18pm EDT map
52 km SSW of Whites City, New Mexico 2.7 001397868 mi 1618412108Wed, 14-Apr-2021 10:55am EDT map
57 km W of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua 4.6 0034152122 mi 1618404531Wed, 14-Apr-2021 8:48am EDT map
2 km NE of Santa Juana, Mexico 4.1 0026081621 mi 1618401584Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:59am EDT map
80 km N of San Antonio, Puerto Rico 3.5 0037702342 mi 1618398613Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:10am EDT map
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska 2.5 0041662588 mi 1618398467Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:07am EDT map
6 km S of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.5 0039032425 mi 1618386095Wed, 14-Apr-2021 3:41am EDT map
64 km WSW of Karluk, Alaska 2.9 0043692715 mi 1618385288Wed, 14-Apr-2021 3:28am EDT map
2 km SE of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.5 0039012424 mi 1618383554Wed, 14-Apr-2021 2:59am EDT map
5 km S of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.7 0039022425 mi 1618381947Wed, 14-Apr-2021 2:32am EDT map
63 km ESE of Pedro Bay, Alaska 3.2 0042262626 mi 1618379798Wed, 14-Apr-2021 1:56am EDT map
2 km SSW of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.6 0038992423 mi 1618375948Wed, 14-Apr-2021 12:52am EDT map
19 mi WNW of Petrolia, CA 2.6 0023531462 mi 1618375193Wed, 14-Apr-2021 12:39am EDT map
Galapagos Triple Junction region 5.7 0045422822 mi 1618374809Wed, 14-Apr-2021 12:33am EDT map
3 km SSE of Guánica, Puerto Rico 3.0 0038982422 mi 1618374594Wed, 14-Apr-2021 12:29am EDT map
99 km NNE of Arctic Village, Alaska 2.6 0040272503 mi 1618372710Tue, 13-Apr-2021 11:58pm EDT map
11 km SSW of La Malbaie, Canada 2.5 0021201317 mi 1618369542Tue, 13-Apr-2021 11:05pm EDT map
52 km NW of Toyah, Texas 3.0 001397868 mi 1618362125Tue, 13-Apr-2021 9:02pm EDT map
55 km N of San Antonio, Puerto Rico 3.7 0037912355 mi 1618362100Tue, 13-Apr-2021 9:01pm EDT map
6 km SSE of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.6 0039042426 mi 1618356900Tue, 13-Apr-2021 7:35pm EDT map
9 mi NE of Indio, CA 2.6 0019671222 mi 1618351532Tue, 13-Apr-2021 6:05pm EDT map
9 mi NE of Indio, CA 3.5 0019671223 mi 1618349703Tue, 13-Apr-2021 5:35pm EDT map
61 km ESE of Chignik, Alaska 2.7 0045132804 mi 1618345481Tue, 13-Apr-2021 4:24pm EDT map
1 km N of Maria Antonia, Puerto Rico 2.8 0038942420 mi 1618340303Tue, 13-Apr-2021 2:58pm EDT map
60 km WNW of Salahonda, Colombia 4.7 0047862974 mi 1618332648Tue, 13-Apr-2021 12:50pm EDT map
34 km NW of Stanley, Idaho 3.0 001531951 mi 1618327946Tue, 13-Apr-2021 11:32am EDT map
10 km NW of Perry, Oklahoma 2.6 000687427 mi 1618324526Tue, 13-Apr-2021 10:35am EDT map
8 mi W of Toms Place, CA 2.8 0019801230 mi 1618323952Tue, 13-Apr-2021 10:25am EDT map
49 km S of Ten Sleep, Wyoming 3.9 000903561 mi 1618316555Tue, 13-Apr-2021 8:22am EDT map
14 km W of La Gomera, Guatemala 4.1 0032001988 mi 1618315026Tue, 13-Apr-2021 7:57am EDT map
2 km SSE of Magas Arriba, Puerto Rico 2.9 0039022425 mi 1618312141Tue, 13-Apr-2021 7:09am EDT map
2 km E of Magas Arriba, Puerto Rico 3.1 0039022424 mi 1618311483Tue, 13-Apr-2021 6:58am EDT map
1 mi S of Round Valley, CA 2.5 0019691224 mi 1618306611Tue, 13-Apr-2021 5:36am EDT map
15 km SW of Stanley, Idaho 2.8 001519944 mi 1618305028Tue, 13-Apr-2021 5:10am EDT map
16 km SW of Stanley, Idaho 2.8 001520945 mi 1618303195Tue, 13-Apr-2021 4:39am EDT map
13 km SW of Stanley, Idaho 2.5 001517943 mi 1618302396Tue, 13-Apr-2021 4:26am EDT map
15 km SW of Stanley, Idaho 2.9 001519944 mi 1618302122Tue, 13-Apr-2021 4:22am EDT map
4 km SSW of Indios, Puerto Rico 2.5 0039012424 mi 1618301332Tue, 13-Apr-2021 4:08am EDT map
114 km E of Chignik, Alaska 2.6 0044542767 mi 1618296749Tue, 13-Apr-2021 2:52am EDT map
66 km NW of Aleneva, Alaska 2.7 0042622648 mi 1618294113Tue, 13-Apr-2021 2:08am EDT map
47 km NNE of Carrizales, Puerto Rico 3.0 0038292379 mi 1618288883Tue, 13-Apr-2021 12:41am EDT map
105 km SE of Ugashik, Alaska 2.7 0044362756 mi 1618277147Mon, 12-Apr-2021 9:25pm EDT map
50 km NW of Rincón, Puerto Rico 3.6 0037892354 mi 1618265964Mon, 12-Apr-2021 6:19pm EDT map
5 km N of Ames, Oklahoma 2.6 000706439 mi 1618265143Mon, 12-Apr-2021 6:05pm EDT map
79 km WNW of Karluk, Alaska 2.6 0043792721 mi 1618255898Mon, 12-Apr-2021 3:31pm EDT map
55 km S of Whites City, New Mexico 2.7 001395867 mi 1618250398Mon, 12-Apr-2021 1:59pm EDT map
20 km WNW of Stanley, Idaho 2.5 001528949 mi 1618245691Mon, 12-Apr-2021 12:41pm EDT map
50 km W of Akhiok, Alaska 3.5 0043502703 mi 1618227482Mon, 12-Apr-2021 7:38am EDT map
83 km SE of Boca de Yuma, Dominican Republic 3.4 0038302380 mi 1618218136Mon, 12-Apr-2021 5:02am EDT map
53 km SSW of Whites City, New Mexico 3.1 001399869 mi 1618208422Mon, 12-Apr-2021 2:20am EDT map
69 km N of Cruz Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands 3.6 0039582459 mi 1618205136Mon, 12-Apr-2021 1:25am EDT map
89 km NNW of San Antonio, Puerto Rico 3.5 0037542332 mi 1618203433Mon, 12-Apr-2021 12:57am EDT map
26 km NW of Stanley, Idaho 2.5 001529950 mi 1618200192Mon, 12-Apr-2021 12:03am EDT map
2 km W of Guayanilla, Puerto Rico 2.5 0038962421 mi 1618193546Sun, 11-Apr-2021 10:12pm EDT map
7 km WSW of Guánica, Puerto Rico 2.7 0038932419 mi 1618187444Sun, 11-Apr-2021 8:30pm EDT map

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