Significant Earthquake Activity          

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 4.0 or greater within 15000 mi
Update time = Fri, 24-May-2019 10:48pm EDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
6 mi WNW of Korkmaskala, Russia 4.5 0092645757 mi 1558737245Fri, 24-May-2019 6:34pm EDT map
82 mi SSE of Isangel, Vanuatu 5.0 0134308345 mi 1558735759Fri, 24-May-2019 6:09pm EDT map
150 mi N of Bamboo Flat, India 5.0 0140128707 mi 1558733015Fri, 24-May-2019 5:23pm EDT map
2 mi SSW of Ayios Nikolaos, Greece 4.3 0080344992 mi 1558732678Fri, 24-May-2019 5:17pm EDT map
29 mi SW of Andalgala, Argentina 5.2 0075404685 mi 1558728959Fri, 24-May-2019 4:15pm EDT map
157 mi SSW of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia 4.4 0090185603 mi 1558716404Fri, 24-May-2019 12:46pm EDT map
19 mi ESE of Jurado, Colombia 4.9 0035852227 mi 1558714365Fri, 24-May-2019 12:12pm EDT map
87 mi NNE of Lautoka, Fiji 5.2 0124567740 mi 1558690577Fri, 24-May-2019 5:36am EDT map
Off the coast of Aisen, Chile 4.9 0093375802 mi 1558678577Fri, 24-May-2019 2:16am EDT map
4 mi NW of Sakado, Japan 4.6 0108696754 mi 1558669217Thu, 23-May-2019 11:40pm EDT map
129 mi WSW of San Patricio, Mexico 4.5 0036842289 mi 1558637565Thu, 23-May-2019 2:52pm EDT map
North of Ascension Island 5.1 0080324991 mi 1558627001Thu, 23-May-2019 11:56am EDT map
121 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.7 0134948385 mi 1558623737Thu, 23-May-2019 11:02am EDT map
73 mi E of Kiunga, Papua New Guinea 5.2 0146549106 mi 1558614874Thu, 23-May-2019 8:34am EDT map
19 mi NW of Warm Springs, Nevada 4.2 0034332133 mi 1558605228Thu, 23-May-2019 5:53am EDT map
34 mi ENE of Amatignak Island, Alaska 6.1 0074094604 mi 1558601118Thu, 23-May-2019 4:45am EDT map
South of the Kermadec Islands 4.8 0132598239 mi 1558594636Thu, 23-May-2019 2:57am EDT map
35 mi ESE of Ambanja, Madagascar 4.7 0140268716 mi 1558593019Thu, 23-May-2019 2:30am EDT map
4 mi NW of Hualian, Taiwan 4.7 0127307910 mi 1558591969Thu, 23-May-2019 2:12am EDT map
29 mi SE of Amukta Island, Alaska 4.0 0069254303 mi 1558588848Thu, 23-May-2019 1:20am EDT map
27 mi WSW of Santa Cruz, Chile 4.1 0082475125 mi 1558573165Wed, 22-May-2019 8:59pm EDT map
3 mi SW of Gastouni, Greece 4.2 0080424997 mi 1558568397Wed, 22-May-2019 7:39pm EDT map
14 mi ENE of Lautaro, Chile 4.4 0086455372 mi 1558564949Wed, 22-May-2019 6:42pm EDT map
153 mi WSW of Tomatlan, Mexico 4.7 0037142308 mi 1558562132Wed, 22-May-2019 5:55pm EDT map
62 mi SW of Paredon, Mexico 4.7 0031721971 mi 1558559792Wed, 22-May-2019 5:16pm EDT map
60 mi NE of Hihifo, Tonga 5.1 0116207221 mi 1558548605Wed, 22-May-2019 2:10pm EDT map
Southeast of Easter Island 5.4 0086755391 mi 1558546579Wed, 22-May-2019 1:36pm EDT map
178 mi SE of Vostok, Russia 4.3 0092745762 mi 1558531817Wed, 22-May-2019 9:30am EDT map
62 mi SE of Phek, India 4.4 0128237968 mi 1558529754Wed, 22-May-2019 8:55am EDT map
South of the Fiji Islands 4.6 0127707935 mi 1558525994Wed, 22-May-2019 7:53am EDT map
167 mi S of Citotok, Indonesia 4.7 01674710406 mi 1558525844Wed, 22-May-2019 7:50am EDT map
121 mi SE of Sarangani, Philippines 4.8 0145979070 mi 1558522339Wed, 22-May-2019 6:52am EDT map
8 mi S of Rio Bueno, Chile 4.6 0088675510 mi 1558498992Wed, 22-May-2019 12:23am EDT map
9 mi SW of Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Guatemala 4.4 0031171937 mi 1558498411Wed, 22-May-2019 12:13am EDT map
25 mi NW of Abra Pampa, Argentina 4.5 0069514319 mi 1558491885Tue, 21-May-2019 10:24pm EDT map
158 mi WNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia 4.7 0156099699 mi 1558489196Tue, 21-May-2019 9:39pm EDT map
4 mi SE of Hualian, Taiwan 4.4 0127367914 mi 1558489044Tue, 21-May-2019 9:37pm EDT map
151 mi N of Bamboo Flat, India 5.6 0140118706 mi 1558485572Tue, 21-May-2019 8:39pm EDT map
Off the coast of Ecuador 5.3 0043312691 mi 1558473590Tue, 21-May-2019 5:19pm EDT map
32 mi NE of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands 4.6 0121577554 mi 1558472091Tue, 21-May-2019 4:54pm EDT map
10 mi NW of Ovalle, Chile 4.5 0077734830 mi 1558466713Tue, 21-May-2019 3:25pm EDT map
South of the Kermadec Islands 4.9 0133758311 mi 1558465558Tue, 21-May-2019 3:05pm EDT map
33 mi ESE of Buala, Solomon Islands 4.7 0134348347 mi 1558464595Tue, 21-May-2019 2:49pm EDT map
33 mi E of Bunobogu, Indonesia 5.1 0151509414 mi 1558464167Tue, 21-May-2019 2:42pm EDT map
21 mi SW of Sola, Vanuatu 4.5 0132198214 mi 1558456610Tue, 21-May-2019 12:36pm EDT map
11 mi N of Lluta, Peru 5.1 0061443818 mi 1558445862Tue, 21-May-2019 9:37am EDT map
1 mi NW of Vartholomion, Greece 4.7 0080364994 mi 1558429100Tue, 21-May-2019 4:58am EDT map
63 mi W of El Aguilar, Argentina 5.0 0070154359 mi 1558423139Tue, 21-May-2019 3:18am EDT map
West Chile Rise 5.3 0090405617 mi 1558420384Tue, 21-May-2019 2:33am EDT map
47 mi WSW of Kavieng, Papua New Guinea 4.9 0137908569 mi 1558411480Tue, 21-May-2019 12:04am EDT map
107 mi NNW of Nordvik, Russia 4.8 0072414499 mi 1558410312Mon, 20-May-2019 11:45pm EDT map
29 mi WSW of Calingasta, Argentina 5.6 0078954906 mi 1558351112Mon, 20-May-2019 7:18am EDT map
54 mi WNW of Amukta Island, Alaska 4.5 0069844340 mi 1558347484Mon, 20-May-2019 6:18am EDT map
Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge 4.8 0052623270 mi 1558344452Mon, 20-May-2019 5:27am EDT map
49 mi SW of Port-Vila, Vanuatu 4.6 0134548360 mi 1558337651Mon, 20-May-2019 3:34am EDT map
29 mi SW of Ashkasham, Afghanistan 4.4 0109926830 mi 1558335535Mon, 20-May-2019 2:58am EDT map
45 mi NNW of Burgos, Philippines 4.9 0132878256 mi 1558333235Mon, 20-May-2019 2:20am EDT map
68 mi WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 5.1 0137618551 mi 1558332135Mon, 20-May-2019 2:02am EDT map
57 mi NNE of Tobelo, Indonesia 4.6 0147169144 mi 1558327962Mon, 20-May-2019 12:52am EDT map
South of Tonga 5.0 0124967765 mi 1558325754Mon, 20-May-2019 12:15am EDT map
61 mi WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 4.7 0137418538 mi 1558315688Sun, 19-May-2019 9:28pm EDT map
60 mi WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 5.0 0137468541 mi 1558314948Sun, 19-May-2019 9:15pm EDT map
25 mi NE of `Alaqahdari-ye Kiran wa Munjan, Afghanistan 4.4 0109856826 mi 1558312211Sun, 19-May-2019 8:30pm EDT map
122 mi NE of Ndoi Island, Fiji 4.7 0122517612 mi 1558291865Sun, 19-May-2019 2:51pm EDT map
57 mi SW of Mapastepec, Mexico 4.3 0031701970 mi 1558288639Sun, 19-May-2019 1:57pm EDT map
Off the coast of Central America 4.6 0041662589 mi 1558283731Sun, 19-May-2019 12:35pm EDT map
14 mi SSW of Nikol'skoye, Russia 4.9 0079764956 mi 1558280874Sun, 19-May-2019 11:47am EDT map
71 mi SSE of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile 4.2 0070814400 mi 1558280636Sun, 19-May-2019 11:43am EDT map
49 mi W of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 4.6 0071344433 mi 1558278499Sun, 19-May-2019 11:08am EDT map
116 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 4.9 0135018389 mi 1558278377Sun, 19-May-2019 11:06am EDT map
101 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 6.2 0135208401 mi 1558277810Sun, 19-May-2019 10:56am EDT map
32 mi SW of Sukumo, Japan 4.5 0114827135 mi 1558277411Sun, 19-May-2019 10:50am EDT map
109 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 5.9 0135198401 mi 1558276030Sun, 19-May-2019 10:27am EDT map
98 mi S of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands 5.1 0119767441 mi 1558266513Sun, 19-May-2019 7:48am EDT map
160 mi NE of Nabire, Indonesia 4.4 0146169082 mi 1558261429Sun, 19-May-2019 6:23am EDT map
6 mi S of Panenggoede, Indonesia 4.4 01638410181 mi 1558255622Sun, 19-May-2019 4:47am EDT map
7 mi NNW of Anchorage, Alaska 4.1 0054003356 mi 1558249314Sun, 19-May-2019 3:01am EDT map
40 mi S of Bogorawatu, Indonesia 5.1 01643410212 mi 1558246567Sun, 19-May-2019 2:16am EDT map
38 mi NW of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 4.5 0070964409 mi 1558246340Sun, 19-May-2019 2:12am EDT map
25 mi WNW of Kazerun, Iran 4.2 0106476616 mi 1558239595Sun, 19-May-2019 12:19am EDT map
124 mi E of Tadine, New Caledonia 6.3 0134958386 mi 1558229009Sat, 18-May-2019 9:23pm EDT map
55 mi E of Iquique, Chile 4.0 0066484131 mi 1558222352Sat, 18-May-2019 7:32pm EDT map
125 mi W of Bandon, Oregon 4.2 0041502579 mi 1558212238Sat, 18-May-2019 4:43pm EDT map
79 mi ENE of Amahai, Indonesia 4.9 0151599419 mi 1558211731Sat, 18-May-2019 4:35pm EDT map
152 mi ENE of Kuril'sk, Russia 4.4 0094085846 mi 1558211143Sat, 18-May-2019 4:25pm EDT map
35 mi SSE of Shikotan, Russia 4.5 0098426116 mi 1558202184Sat, 18-May-2019 1:56pm EDT map
38 mi E of Hualian, Taiwan 4.4 0127157901 mi 1558197511Sat, 18-May-2019 12:38pm EDT map
60 mi SSW of Taron, Papua New Guinea 5.1 0137958572 mi 1558191510Sat, 18-May-2019 10:58am EDT map
184 mi SSW of Severo-Kuril'sk, Russia 4.5 0090605630 mi 1558167370Sat, 18-May-2019 4:16am EDT map
70 mi WSW of Kashi, China 4.4 0108576746 mi 1558166017Sat, 18-May-2019 3:53am EDT map
22 mi ENE of Kazerun, Iran 4.6 0106936645 mi 1558165698Sat, 18-May-2019 3:48am EDT map
43 mi NE of Castlepoint, New Zealand 4.2 0139328657 mi 1558159639Sat, 18-May-2019 2:07am EDT map
10 mi E of Lalauigan, Philippines 4.6 0139078642 mi 1558154341Sat, 18-May-2019 12:39am EDT map
49 mi ENE of Lagunas, Peru 4.5 0049023046 mi 1558151739Fri, 17-May-2019 11:55pm EDT map
Mid-Indian Ridge 4.6 01757110918 mi 1558151010Fri, 17-May-2019 11:43pm EDT map
17 mi NE of Villa Presidente Frei, Nunoa, Santiago, Chile, Chile 4.2 0080935029 mi 1558147945Fri, 17-May-2019 10:52pm EDT map

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