Significant Earthquake Activity          

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 4.0 or greater within 15000 mi
Update time = Sat, 04-Jul-2020 7:07am EDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
46 km E of Rasht, Tajikistan 5.4 0107086653 mi 1593856380Sat, 04-Jul-2020 5:53am EDT map
18 km N of Batna, Algeria 4.5 0070544383 mi 1593849579Sat, 04-Jul-2020 3:59am EDT map
southern East Pacific Rise 5.2 0088495499 mi 1593848417Sat, 04-Jul-2020 3:40am EDT map
87 km ESE of Arica, Chile 4.2 0064964036 mi 1593846847Sat, 04-Jul-2020 3:14am EDT map
169 km SE of Choibalsan, Mongolia 4.9 0103326420 mi 1593843551Sat, 04-Jul-2020 2:19am EDT map
53 km SSW of Kamiiso, Japan 4.4 0102976398 mi 1593835559Sat, 04-Jul-2020 12:05am EDT map
25 km NE of Vallenar, Chile 4.5 0075504691 mi 1593832812Fri, 03-Jul-2020 11:20pm EDT map
south of the Kermadec Islands 4.8 0131058143 mi 1593829362Fri, 03-Jul-2020 10:22pm EDT map
89 km SSW of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador 4.5 0032011989 mi 1593828227Fri, 03-Jul-2020 10:03pm EDT map
287 km SW of Gizo, Solomon Islands 5.2 0139668678 mi 1593827398Fri, 03-Jul-2020 9:49pm EDT map
265 km SW of Gizo, Solomon Islands 5.6 0139448664 mi 1593826484Fri, 03-Jul-2020 9:34pm EDT map
18 km WSW of El Coyul, Mexico 4.4 0032061992 mi 1593826167Fri, 03-Jul-2020 9:29pm EDT map
13 km S of Fern Forest, Hawaii 4.3 0076874777 mi 1593821930Fri, 03-Jul-2020 8:18pm EDT map
95 km W of El Aguilar, Argentina 4.5 0070064353 mi 1593820010Fri, 03-Jul-2020 7:46pm EDT map
11 km SSW of Nueva Imperial, Chile 4.1 0086895399 mi 1593819347Fri, 03-Jul-2020 7:35pm EDT map
4 km SE of La Parguera, Puerto Rico 4.1 0025451581 mi 1593810008Fri, 03-Jul-2020 5:00pm EDT map
9 km SSE of La Parguera, Puerto Rico 5.3 0025501585 mi 1593809385Fri, 03-Jul-2020 4:49pm EDT map
5 km SE of La Parguera, Puerto Rico 4.9 0025461582 mi 1593784490Fri, 03-Jul-2020 9:54am EDT map
South Atlantic Ocean 5.1 0106486616 mi 1593783748Fri, 03-Jul-2020 9:42am EDT map
4 km W of B?wal, India 4.4 0120317476 mi 1593783047Fri, 03-Jul-2020 9:30am EDT map
Kermadec Islands, New Zealand 4.8 0129238030 mi 1593776425Fri, 03-Jul-2020 7:40am EDT map
44 km W of Jaqué, Panama 4.4 0035382198 mi 1593770311Fri, 03-Jul-2020 5:58am EDT map
15 km S of Fern Forest, Hawaii 4.6 0076884777 mi 1593768001Fri, 03-Jul-2020 5:20am EDT map
21 km ESE of North Vanlaiphai, India 4.6 0130078082 mi 1593767143Fri, 03-Jul-2020 5:05am EDT map
53 km E of Namie, Japan 4.9 0106236601 mi 1593753176Fri, 03-Jul-2020 1:12am EDT map
77 km NW of Taltal, Chile 4.5 0071574447 mi 1593752286Fri, 03-Jul-2020 12:58am EDT map
19 km S of Villa La Angostura, Argentina 4.5 0089285548 mi 1593751576Fri, 03-Jul-2020 12:46am EDT map
61 km W of Ger?sh, Iran 4.0 0109576809 mi 1593748003Thu, 02-Jul-2020 11:46pm EDT map
145 km NW of Neiafu, Tonga 4.7 0119587431 mi 1593745198Thu, 02-Jul-2020 10:59pm EDT map
3 km W of San Cristóbal, Mexico 4.3 0033202063 mi 1593743627Thu, 02-Jul-2020 10:33pm EDT map
Mariana Islands region 4.9 0120467485 mi 1593742807Thu, 02-Jul-2020 10:20pm EDT map
85 km WNW of Copiapó, Chile 4.5 0074014599 mi 1593735497Thu, 02-Jul-2020 8:18pm EDT map
159 km SE of Ormara, Pakistan 4.4 0119597431 mi 1593732062Thu, 02-Jul-2020 7:21pm EDT map
151 km SSE of King Cove, Alaska 4.6 0062663894 mi 1593728699Thu, 02-Jul-2020 6:24pm EDT map
134 km NW of Constitución, Chile 4.2 0082075099 mi 1593720325Thu, 02-Jul-2020 4:05pm EDT map
Mindanao, Philippines 4.5 0145099015 mi 1593716432Thu, 02-Jul-2020 3:00pm EDT map
central Mid-Atlantic Ridge 4.9 0051743215 mi 1593713815Thu, 02-Jul-2020 2:16pm EDT map
8 km NNE of San Lorenzo, Mexico 5.2 0032592025 mi 1593706677Thu, 02-Jul-2020 12:17pm EDT map
83 km SW of San Antonio, Chile 5.1 0081705076 mi 1593693345Thu, 02-Jul-2020 8:35am EDT map
36 km SW of Ovalle, Chile 4.6 0078084852 mi 1593685983Thu, 02-Jul-2020 6:33am EDT map
105 km E of Shikotan, Russia 5.2 0097566062 mi 1593673643Thu, 02-Jul-2020 3:07am EDT map
59 km NE of Weining, China 4.6 0126237843 mi 1593659498Wed, 01-Jul-2020 11:11pm EDT map
68 km W of Illapel, Chile 4.4 0078894902 mi 1593658232Wed, 01-Jul-2020 10:50pm EDT map
114 km E of Amahai, Indonesia 4.1 0151859436 mi 1593651810Wed, 01-Jul-2020 9:03pm EDT map
32 km N of Mohr, Iran 4.2 0109086778 mi 1593649758Wed, 01-Jul-2020 8:29pm EDT map
western Indian-Antarctic Ridge 4.6 01788311112 mi 1593648994Wed, 01-Jul-2020 8:16pm EDT map
Mid-Indian Ridge 4.9 0150089325 mi 1593643374Wed, 01-Jul-2020 6:42pm EDT map
Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan 4.2 0109516804 mi 1593639435Wed, 01-Jul-2020 5:37pm EDT map
Region Metropolitana, Chile 4.0 0080965030 mi 1593636256Wed, 01-Jul-2020 4:44pm EDT map
Vanuatu 4.5 0134178337 mi 1593634651Wed, 01-Jul-2020 4:17pm EDT map
2 km NE of San Agustín Loxicha, Mexico 4.9 0032252004 mi 1593633250Wed, 01-Jul-2020 3:54pm EDT map
eastern New Guinea region, Papua New Guinea 4.5 0142878878 mi 1593632791Wed, 01-Jul-2020 3:46pm EDT map
58 km NE of Yonakuni, Japan 4.6 0125867821 mi 1593631355Wed, 01-Jul-2020 3:22pm EDT map
16 km ENE of ?hara, Japan 4.7 0108856763 mi 1593595502Wed, 01-Jul-2020 5:25am EDT map
25 km ENE of Port-Olry, Vanuatu 5.1 0132798251 mi 1593589102Wed, 01-Jul-2020 3:38am EDT map
32 km NNW of Fès al Bali, Morocco 4.3 0062353875 mi 1593583604Wed, 01-Jul-2020 2:06am EDT map
62 km NW of Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea 4.8 0142768871 mi 1593581985Wed, 01-Jul-2020 1:39am EDT map
266 km SSW of Ambon, Indonesia 4.4 0155899687 mi 1593577270Wed, 01-Jul-2020 12:21am EDT map
east central Pacific Ocean 4.4 0042122617 mi 1593574221Tue, 30-Jun-2020 11:30pm EDT map
Kuril Islands 4.5 0092545750 mi 1593571243Tue, 30-Jun-2020 10:40pm EDT map
121 km NW of Kiunga, Papua New Guinea 4.8 0147089139 mi 1593565603Tue, 30-Jun-2020 9:06pm EDT map
62 km WNW of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 4.2 0071144420 mi 1593560138Tue, 30-Jun-2020 7:35pm EDT map
17 km NNW of Isangel, Vanuatu 5.1 0134068330 mi 1593555009Tue, 30-Jun-2020 6:10pm EDT map
91 km E of Taltal, Chile 4.8 0072424500 mi 1593552112Tue, 30-Jun-2020 5:21pm EDT map
94 km E of Taltal, Chile 4.4 0072424500 mi 1593551676Tue, 30-Jun-2020 5:14pm EDT map
85 km WNW of Cartagena, Chile 4.2 0080845023 mi 1593549287Tue, 30-Jun-2020 4:34pm EDT map
20 km NE of Bhadarw?h, India 4.7 0114887138 mi 1593540148Tue, 30-Jun-2020 2:02pm EDT map
40 km E of Port-Olry, Vanuatu 4.5 0132698245 mi 1593538163Tue, 30-Jun-2020 1:29pm EDT map
115 km WSW of Haveluloto, Tonga 4.5 0122957640 mi 1593538013Tue, 30-Jun-2020 1:26pm EDT map
64 km ENE of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 4.7 0087215419 mi 1593532125Tue, 30-Jun-2020 11:48am EDT map
93 km S of La Libertad, El Salvador 4.6 0032081993 mi 1593528312Tue, 30-Jun-2020 10:45am EDT map
185 km SE of Katsuura, Japan 4.9 0109826824 mi 1593521814Tue, 30-Jun-2020 8:56am EDT map
65 km NE of Taitung City, Taiwan 4.3 0128207966 mi 1593519432Tue, 30-Jun-2020 8:17am EDT map
104 km W of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 4.7 0071314431 mi 1593519046Tue, 30-Jun-2020 8:10am EDT map
132 km NNW of Caluula, Somalia 4.5 0120257472 mi 1593513231Tue, 30-Jun-2020 6:33am EDT map
29 km SSE of Mina, Nevada 5.0 0035512207 mi 1593509063Tue, 30-Jun-2020 5:24am EDT map
102 km WNW of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 4.3 0071024413 mi 1593506377Tue, 30-Jun-2020 4:39am EDT map
112 km W of San Antonio de los Cobres, Argentina 4.4 0071284429 mi 1593502296Tue, 30-Jun-2020 3:31am EDT map
51 km NNW of Ende, Indonesia 4.9 01614010029 mi 1593498431Tue, 30-Jun-2020 2:27am EDT map
south of the Kermadec Islands 4.9 0131208153 mi 1593495893Tue, 30-Jun-2020 1:44am EDT map
6 km NNW of Zapotitlán Lagunas, Mexico 4.3 0031721971 mi 1593489951Tue, 30-Jun-2020 12:05am EDT map
17 km NE of Bhadarw?h, India 4.4 0114907140 mi 1593487617Mon, 29-Jun-2020 11:26pm EDT map
196 km SW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 4.7 0089605567 mi 1593482233Mon, 29-Jun-2020 9:57pm EDT map
152 km ESE of Yigo Village, Guam 4.6 0126887884 mi 1593482071Mon, 29-Jun-2020 9:54pm EDT map
138 km SW of Corinto, Nicaragua 5.1 0032812039 mi 1593469681Mon, 29-Jun-2020 6:28pm EDT map
85 km SSW of ‘Ohonua, Tonga 4.8 0122447608 mi 1593462136Mon, 29-Jun-2020 4:22pm EDT map
Ascension Island region 5.7 0086335364 mi 1593459612Mon, 29-Jun-2020 3:40pm EDT map
191 km SE of Katsuura, Japan 4.5 0109746819 mi 1593459430Mon, 29-Jun-2020 3:37pm EDT map
31 km SSE of Xunchang, China 4.3 0125157777 mi 1593453312Mon, 29-Jun-2020 1:55pm EDT map
41 km SE of Rasht, Tajikistan 4.4 0107266665 mi 1593446610Mon, 29-Jun-2020 12:03pm EDT map
26 km SSW of Khorugh, Tajikistan 4.6 0109076777 mi 1593435203Mon, 29-Jun-2020 8:53am EDT map
68 km WSW of Yonakuni, Japan 4.5 0126767876 mi 1593435168Mon, 29-Jun-2020 8:52am EDT map
79 km WNW of Cartagena, Chile 4.3 0080825022 mi 1593431557Mon, 29-Jun-2020 7:52am EDT map
192 km SE of Katsuura, Japan 5.4 0109746819 mi 1593424369Mon, 29-Jun-2020 5:52am EDT map
south of Panama 4.6 0038422387 mi 1593422030Mon, 29-Jun-2020 5:13am EDT map
199 km E of Hihifo, Tonga 4.9 0115597183 mi 1593421014Mon, 29-Jun-2020 4:56am EDT map
29 km W of Ashk?sham, Afghanistan 4.0 0109546806 mi 1593415559Mon, 29-Jun-2020 3:25am EDT map
42 km NW of Kuqa, China 4.5 0107436675 mi 1593410376Mon, 29-Jun-2020 1:59am EDT map
49 km W of Abapó, Bolivia 5.0 0066044103 mi 1593407193Mon, 29-Jun-2020 1:06am EDT map
45 km W of Abapó, Bolivia 5.0 0066094106 mi 1593407192Mon, 29-Jun-2020 1:06am EDT map
14 km SSW of Marmaris, Turkey 4.8 0086045346 mi 1593403584Mon, 29-Jun-2020 12:06am EDT map
28 km NW of Lluta, Peru 4.4 0061393815 mi 1593398543Sun, 28-Jun-2020 10:42pm EDT map
8 km E of Hirara, Japan 4.7 0125347789 mi 1593398255Sun, 28-Jun-2020 10:37pm EDT map
5 km SW of Guánica, Puerto Rico 4.5 0025481583 mi 1593384529Sun, 28-Jun-2020 6:48pm EDT map
55 km SSE of Calingasta, Argentina 4.6 0079384933 mi 1593375414Sun, 28-Jun-2020 4:16pm EDT map
10 km S of Marmaris, Turkey 5.5 0086045347 mi 1593366208Sun, 28-Jun-2020 1:43pm EDT map
95 km E of Copiapó, Chile 4.5 0074534631 mi 1593363459Sun, 28-Jun-2020 12:57pm EDT map
82 km SE of Arica, Chile 4.2 0065074044 mi 1593358405Sun, 28-Jun-2020 11:33am EDT map
173 km SE of Katsuura, Japan 4.7 0109796822 mi 1593356052Sun, 28-Jun-2020 10:54am EDT map
130 km S of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 4.7 0137448540 mi 1593355748Sun, 28-Jun-2020 10:49am EDT map
60 km WNW of Villazón, Bolivia 4.6 0068934283 mi 1593353154Sun, 28-Jun-2020 10:05am EDT map
36 km NNE of Qarn?b?d, Iran 4.3 0101746322 mi 1593352140Sun, 28-Jun-2020 9:49am EDT map
44 km NNW of Campoverde, Peru 4.7 0052653271 mi 1593351448Sun, 28-Jun-2020 9:37am EDT map
47 km SW of Ashk?sham, Afghanistan 4.0 0109906829 mi 1593350946Sun, 28-Jun-2020 9:29am EDT map
169 km ESE of Neiafu, Tonga 4.8 0118087337 mi 1593346007Sun, 28-Jun-2020 8:06am EDT map
4 km SSW of Guánica, Puerto Rico 4.3 0025501584 mi 1593345261Sun, 28-Jun-2020 7:54am EDT map
21 km W of Fry, Greece 4.4 0085905338 mi 1593343115Sun, 28-Jun-2020 7:18am EDT map
112 km S of Yudomari, Japan 4.6 0119017395 mi 1593338477Sun, 28-Jun-2020 6:01am EDT map
264 km E of Levuka, Fiji 4.4 0122407606 mi 1593333813Sun, 28-Jun-2020 4:43am EDT map
northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 4.8 0037762346 mi 1593329574Sun, 28-Jun-2020 3:32am EDT map
4 km SW of Guánica, Puerto Rico 4.4 0025481583 mi 1593326706Sun, 28-Jun-2020 2:45am EDT map
5 km SW of Guánica, Puerto Rico 4.8 0025481583 mi 1593326562Sun, 28-Jun-2020 2:42am EDT map
47 km E of W?ngjing, India 4.5 0128517985 mi 1593323677Sun, 28-Jun-2020 1:54am EDT map
132 km N of Bamboo Flat, India 4.2 0141138770 mi 1593314781Sat, 27-Jun-2020 11:26pm EDT map
62 km SW of Masachapa, Nicaragua 4.8 0032512020 mi 1593311595Sat, 27-Jun-2020 10:33pm EDT map
111 km ENE of Amahai, Indonesia 4.7 0151689425 mi 1593310382Sat, 27-Jun-2020 10:13pm EDT map
81 km NNE of Calama, Chile 4.4 0068434252 mi 1593308295Sat, 27-Jun-2020 9:38pm EDT map
Carlsberg Ridge 4.6 0127317911 mi 1593305761Sat, 27-Jun-2020 8:56pm EDT map
173 km SE of Katsuura, Japan 4.7 0109796822 mi 1593292676Sat, 27-Jun-2020 5:17pm EDT map
south of the Kermadec Islands 4.9 0131758186 mi 1593282545Sat, 27-Jun-2020 2:29pm EDT map
39 km SSE of Khorugh, Tajikistan 4.4 0109266789 mi 1593256891Sat, 27-Jun-2020 7:21am EDT map

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