Significant Earthquake Activity          

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 4.0 or greater within 15000 mi
Update time = Sun, 18-Apr-2021 7:07pm EDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
25 km NNW of Bandar-e Genāveh, Iran 4.1 0105906580 mi 1618785831Sun, 18-Apr-2021 6:43pm EDT map
31 km NNE of Bandar-e Genāveh, Iran 4.2 0105966584 mi 1618785706Sun, 18-Apr-2021 6:41pm EDT map
12 km NNE of Bandar-e Genāveh, Iran 4.6 0106106593 mi 1618784266Sun, 18-Apr-2021 6:17pm EDT map
south of the Fiji Islands 4.8 0125987828 mi 1618783695Sun, 18-Apr-2021 6:08pm EDT map
36 km NNE of Bandar-e Genāveh, Iran 4.3 0105916581 mi 1618782620Sun, 18-Apr-2021 5:50pm EDT map
Kepulauan Babar, Indonesia 4.8 0155949690 mi 1618777119Sun, 18-Apr-2021 4:18pm EDT map
53 km WNW of Tobelo, Indonesia 4.4 0148219210 mi 1618772677Sun, 18-Apr-2021 3:04pm EDT map
216 km SSE of Ambon, Indonesia 4.6 0154479598 mi 1618770407Sun, 18-Apr-2021 2:26pm EDT map
Kermadec Islands, New Zealand 5.2 0129118023 mi 1618765419Sun, 18-Apr-2021 1:03pm EDT map
25 km S of Mandráki, Greece 4.3 0085565316 mi 1618763186Sun, 18-Apr-2021 12:26pm EDT map
south of the Fiji Islands 4.5 0126187841 mi 1618762555Sun, 18-Apr-2021 12:15pm EDT map
Iceland region 4.9 0041772596 mi 1618759038Sun, 18-Apr-2021 11:17am EDT map
79 km W of Abra Pampa, Argentina 4.6 0069754334 mi 1618755462Sun, 18-Apr-2021 10:17am EDT map
13 km SSW of Hualien City, Taiwan 5.8 0127467920 mi 1618755276Sun, 18-Apr-2021 10:14am EDT map
20 km SSW of Hualien City, Taiwan 5.4 0127537925 mi 1618755098Sun, 18-Apr-2021 10:11am EDT map
61 km ESE of Hakha, Myanmar 5.2 0130828129 mi 1618752273Sun, 18-Apr-2021 9:24am EDT map
147 km NW of Ternate, Indonesia 4.7 0148899252 mi 1618744371Sun, 18-Apr-2021 7:12am EDT map
35 km NNE of Bandar-e Genāveh, Iran 4.4 0105916581 mi 1618735838Sun, 18-Apr-2021 4:50am EDT map
4 km WSW of Tymovskoye, Russia 4.2 0092935775 mi 1618733812Sun, 18-Apr-2021 4:16am EDT map
24 km NE of Isangel, Vanuatu 4.7 0133838316 mi 1618732083Sun, 18-Apr-2021 3:48am EDT map
21 km NNW of Bandar-e Genāveh, Iran 4.4 0105936582 mi 1618729827Sun, 18-Apr-2021 3:10am EDT map
South Shetland Islands 5.0 0114167093 mi 1618728412Sun, 18-Apr-2021 2:46am EDT map
Kuril Islands 4.5 0093455806 mi 1618728305Sun, 18-Apr-2021 2:45am EDT map
27 km NNE of Bandar-e Genāveh, Iran 5.8 0106056590 mi 1618728110Sun, 18-Apr-2021 2:41am EDT map
49 km NNE of Calama, Chile 4.3 0068664266 mi 1618723800Sun, 18-Apr-2021 1:30am EDT map
18 km SSW of Huambo, Peru 4.1 0061463819 mi 1618721732Sun, 18-Apr-2021 12:55am EDT map
130 km W of Ambunti, Papua New Guinea 4.6 0145429036 mi 1618718438Sun, 18-Apr-2021 12:00am EDT map
217 km NE of Gisborne, New Zealand 4.9 0135458416 mi 1618715354Sat, 17-Apr-2021 11:09pm EDT map
South Shetland Islands 5.1 0114157093 mi 1618712115Sat, 17-Apr-2021 10:15pm EDT map
142 km NNW of Caluula, Somalia 4.7 0120197468 mi 1618711360Sat, 17-Apr-2021 10:02pm EDT map
49 km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan 5.6 0105426551 mi 1618705765Sat, 17-Apr-2021 8:29pm EDT map
near the east coast of Honshu, Japan 5.6 0105316543 mi 1618705752Sat, 17-Apr-2021 8:29pm EDT map
20 km S of Quilca, Peru 4.6 0062583888 mi 1618703130Sat, 17-Apr-2021 7:45pm EDT map
82 km NNE of Calama, Chile 4.2 0068304244 mi 1618701628Sat, 17-Apr-2021 7:20pm EDT map
28 km S of Mandráki, Greece 4.2 0085565317 mi 1618698955Sat, 17-Apr-2021 6:35pm EDT map
32 km S of Mandráki, Greece 4.1 0085565317 mi 1618693033Sat, 17-Apr-2021 4:57pm EDT map
Tonga 4.8 0116307227 mi 1618693030Sat, 17-Apr-2021 4:57pm EDT map
17 km NNW of P’ot’i, Georgia 4.1 0090235607 mi 1618692369Sat, 17-Apr-2021 4:46pm EDT map
20 km S of Mandráki, Greece 5.0 0085495312 mi 1618679280Sat, 17-Apr-2021 1:08pm EDT map
121 km ESE of Mil’kovo, Russia 5.1 0082885150 mi 1618674323Sat, 17-Apr-2021 11:45am EDT map
13 km S of Hidalgotitlán, Mexico 4.5 0029601839 mi 1618673503Sat, 17-Apr-2021 11:31am EDT map
244 km N of Kieta, Papua New Guinea 4.8 0134978387 mi 1618665887Sat, 17-Apr-2021 9:24am EDT map
156 km SSE of Sand Point, Alaska 4.0 0061493821 mi 1618659388Sat, 17-Apr-2021 7:36am EDT map
6 km NW of Cepitá, Colombia 4.3 0036262253 mi 1618651033Sat, 17-Apr-2021 5:17am EDT map
85 km W of Ovalle, Chile 4.9 0077644824 mi 1618631457Fri, 16-Apr-2021 11:50pm EDT map
near the coast of Nicaragua 4.3 0032212002 mi 1618626774Fri, 16-Apr-2021 10:32pm EDT map
Mariana Islands region 5.3 0119347415 mi 1618622841Fri, 16-Apr-2021 9:27pm EDT map
48 km SSE of Banda Aceh, Indonesia 5.0 0150179331 mi 1618621493Fri, 16-Apr-2021 9:04pm EDT map
72 km SSW of Alo, Wallis and Futuna 4.3 0120397481 mi 1618620366Fri, 16-Apr-2021 8:46pm EDT map
88 km NW of Te Anau, New Zealand 4.4 0148469225 mi 1618613825Fri, 16-Apr-2021 6:57pm EDT map
Kermadec Islands region 5.2 0127367914 mi 1618611189Fri, 16-Apr-2021 6:13pm EDT map
243 km NNW of Tobelo, Indonesia 5.4 0146789120 mi 1618606509Fri, 16-Apr-2021 4:55pm EDT map
Kermadec Islands, New Zealand 5.0 0129708059 mi 1618603219Fri, 16-Apr-2021 4:00pm EDT map
South Shetland Islands 4.9 0114077088 mi 1618602429Fri, 16-Apr-2021 3:47pm EDT map
Fiji region 5.4 0125737813 mi 1618591230Fri, 16-Apr-2021 12:40pm EDT map
49 km E of Hualien City, Taiwan 4.5 0127247907 mi 1618590109Fri, 16-Apr-2021 12:21pm EDT map
68 km S of Sarangani, Philippines 4.5 0146149081 mi 1618575473Fri, 16-Apr-2021 8:17am EDT map
77 km E of Ishinomaki, Japan 4.5 0105266541 mi 1618573896Fri, 16-Apr-2021 7:51am EDT map
256 km SSE of Alo, Wallis and Futuna 4.3 0120547490 mi 1618565751Fri, 16-Apr-2021 5:35am EDT map
34 km SW of Ovalle, Chile 4.4 0078104853 mi 1618560592Fri, 16-Apr-2021 4:09am EDT map
19 km SE of Linxi, China 4.4 0111146906 mi 1618560367Fri, 16-Apr-2021 4:06am EDT map
Bonin Islands, Japan region 4.1 0116577243 mi 1618548820Fri, 16-Apr-2021 12:53am EDT map
194 km SSE of Praya, Indonesia 5.4 01652710269 mi 1618544525Thu, 15-Apr-2021 11:42pm EDT map
105 km NE of Iquique, Chile 4.4 0065804089 mi 1618535665Thu, 15-Apr-2021 9:14pm EDT map
Mariana Islands region 5.1 0121967578 mi 1618532601Thu, 15-Apr-2021 8:23pm EDT map
Kuril Islands 4.7 0093165789 mi 1618531027Thu, 15-Apr-2021 7:57pm EDT map
139 km NE of Sarāhan, India 4.6 0116457236 mi 1618525584Thu, 15-Apr-2021 6:26pm EDT map
22 km SSW of Corralero, Mexico 4.3 0033232065 mi 1618514402Thu, 15-Apr-2021 3:20pm EDT map
102 km SW of Santiago de Cao, Peru 4.9 0053353315 mi 1618514192Thu, 15-Apr-2021 3:16pm EDT map
118 km SSW of Manuel Ávila Camacho (Ponte Duro), Mexico 4.6 0031991988 mi 1618510206Thu, 15-Apr-2021 2:10pm EDT map
35 km SSW of Turt, Mongolia 4.6 0099526184 mi 1618504923Thu, 15-Apr-2021 12:42pm EDT map
76 km ENE of Mutsu, Japan 4.3 0102116345 mi 1618485829Thu, 15-Apr-2021 7:23am EDT map
Fiji region 4.2 0122017582 mi 1618484014Thu, 15-Apr-2021 6:53am EDT map
225 km SSE of Praya, Indonesia 5.4 01655110284 mi 1618482979Thu, 15-Apr-2021 6:36am EDT map
237 km N of Siglufjörður, Iceland 4.4 0047172931 mi 1618478995Thu, 15-Apr-2021 5:29am EDT map
130 km NW of Attu Station, Alaska 5.3 0078074851 mi 1618475621Thu, 15-Apr-2021 4:33am EDT map
Mariana Islands region 5.0 0130398102 mi 1618461887Thu, 15-Apr-2021 12:44am EDT map
59 km N of Peschici, Italy 4.6 0073894591 mi 1618461214Thu, 15-Apr-2021 12:33am EDT map
10 km W of Kalloní, Greece 4.5 0082835147 mi 1618459820Thu, 15-Apr-2021 12:10am EDT map
130 km SW of Leava, Wallis and Futuna 4.2 0121137527 mi 1618456809Wed, 14-Apr-2021 11:20pm EDT map
113 km ENE of Alianza Cristiana, Peru 4.4 0046972918 mi 1618456407Wed, 14-Apr-2021 11:13pm EDT map
298 km E of Levuka, Fiji 4.3 0122097586 mi 1618454784Wed, 14-Apr-2021 10:46pm EDT map
34 km NNE of Skellytown, Texas 4.3 0021691348 mi 1618444442Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:54pm EDT map
107 km E of Yamada, Japan 4.3 0103606437 mi 1618443861Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:44pm EDT map
27 km E of Yilan, Taiwan 4.4 0126377852 mi 1618423778Wed, 14-Apr-2021 2:09pm EDT map
97 km ENE of Hengchun, Taiwan 4.3 0129148024 mi 1618418114Wed, 14-Apr-2021 12:35pm EDT map
62 km WNW of Neiafu, Tonga 5.0 0119567429 mi 1618415564Wed, 14-Apr-2021 11:52am EDT map
57 km W of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua 4.6 0031561961 mi 1618404531Wed, 14-Apr-2021 8:48am EDT map
2 km NE of Santa Juana, Mexico 4.1 0032412014 mi 1618401584Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:59am EDT map
29 km ENE of Pilar, Philippines 4.8 0140478728 mi 1618398579Wed, 14-Apr-2021 7:09am EDT map
252 km S of Sinabang, Indonesia 5.5 0155769678 mi 1618397715Wed, 14-Apr-2021 6:55am EDT map
112 km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan 4.3 0105286542 mi 1618394572Wed, 14-Apr-2021 6:02am EDT map
65 km ESE of Farkhār, Afghanistan 4.3 0109676815 mi 1618393478Wed, 14-Apr-2021 5:44am EDT map
106 km SSW of Ishigaki, Japan 4.7 0127267907 mi 1618388539Wed, 14-Apr-2021 4:22am EDT map
59 km W of Pelabuhanratu, Indonesia 5.1 01642910209 mi 1618381722Wed, 14-Apr-2021 2:28am EDT map
190 km SW of Merizo Village, Guam 4.6 0129628054 mi 1618377620Wed, 14-Apr-2021 1:20am EDT map
Galapagos Triple Junction region 5.7 0048303001 mi 1618374809Wed, 14-Apr-2021 12:33am EDT map
66 km ENE of Mutsu, Japan 4.4 0102176349 mi 1618370864Tue, 13-Apr-2021 11:27pm EDT map
142 km N of Calama, Chile 4.3 0067694206 mi 1618369309Tue, 13-Apr-2021 11:01pm EDT map
81 km SW of Atocha, Bolivia 4.0 0068174236 mi 1618362064Tue, 13-Apr-2021 9:01pm EDT map
167 km ENE of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia 4.6 0083085163 mi 1618361459Tue, 13-Apr-2021 8:50pm EDT map
164 km SSE of Tondano, Indonesia 5.1 0151289400 mi 1618359927Tue, 13-Apr-2021 8:25pm EDT map
9 km SW of Mandráki, Greece 5.3 0085385305 mi 1618345682Tue, 13-Apr-2021 4:28pm EDT map
278 km E of Levuka, Fiji 4.6 0122117587 mi 1618341602Tue, 13-Apr-2021 3:20pm EDT map
2 km ESE of Lucsuhin, Philippines 4.8 0138408600 mi 1618339194Tue, 13-Apr-2021 2:39pm EDT map
83 km SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines 5.0 0144438975 mi 1618339127Tue, 13-Apr-2021 2:38pm EDT map
60 km WNW of Salahonda, Colombia 4.7 0041122555 mi 1618332648Tue, 13-Apr-2021 12:50pm EDT map
143 km W of Ternate, Indonesia 5.1 0150119328 mi 1618328853Tue, 13-Apr-2021 11:47am EDT map
14 km W of La Gomera, Guatemala 4.1 0031371949 mi 1618315026Tue, 13-Apr-2021 7:57am EDT map
South Shetland Islands 4.6 0114087089 mi 1618306926Tue, 13-Apr-2021 5:42am EDT map
8 km SW of Tanabe, Japan 4.4 0112626998 mi 1618300457Tue, 13-Apr-2021 3:54am EDT map
202 km NE of Lospalos, Timor Leste 4.5 0156799743 mi 1618299652Tue, 13-Apr-2021 3:40am EDT map
north of Ascension Island 5.1 0074114605 mi 1618293960Tue, 13-Apr-2021 2:06am EDT map
39 km S of Jurm, Afghanistan 4.5 0109606811 mi 1618292569Tue, 13-Apr-2021 1:42am EDT map
17 km S of Aībak, Afghanistan 4.3 0108896766 mi 1618288086Tue, 13-Apr-2021 12:28am EDT map
64 km NNE of Maketu, New Zealand 4.3 0137898568 mi 1618280407Mon, 12-Apr-2021 10:20pm EDT map
southeast of the Loyalty Islands 5.2 0133618302 mi 1618267472Mon, 12-Apr-2021 6:44pm EDT map
217 km ENE of Port Mathurin, Mauritius 5.0 0157129763 mi 1618260198Mon, 12-Apr-2021 4:43pm EDT map
93 km W of Abra Pampa, Argentina 4.6 0069574323 mi 1618258618Mon, 12-Apr-2021 4:16pm EDT map
105 km N of Naze, Japan 5.2 0119247409 mi 1618236107Mon, 12-Apr-2021 10:01am EDT map
Kermadec Islands, New Zealand 5.1 0129868069 mi 1618205173Mon, 12-Apr-2021 1:26am EDT map
180 km NNE of Mişrātah, Libya 4.2 0079134917 mi 1618199063Sun, 11-Apr-2021 11:44pm EDT map
Volcano Islands, Japan region 5.2 0119927452 mi 1618196915Sun, 11-Apr-2021 11:08pm EDT map
134 km NNE of Tobelo, Indonesia 5.2 0146739118 mi 1618194386Sun, 11-Apr-2021 10:26pm EDT map
49 km WNW of Bandar Lampung, Indonesia 4.9 01623710089 mi 1618192345Sun, 11-Apr-2021 9:52pm EDT map
248 km E of Levuka, Fiji 4.4 0122447608 mi 1618182841Sun, 11-Apr-2021 7:14pm EDT map

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